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The question that defies all answers is not ‘how it all began?’; it’s rather ‘when…’

Certain man-made proportions were well beyond his reach of understanding and so it has been with the myth called time.

So while we sit here and think ‘all’ has a beginning and a well defined end, we can rather limit thoughts by saying our definition of time ends with us.

But it goes on…




Such a vital and
Useful organ…
I really am amazed
At God’s creation.

It can solve all your queries,
When you really think and push it hard.
There is nothing
Which it can’t answer…

I really don’t know
Why god created it?
If the purpose was to
Keep us baffled at the universe!


Indian Cinema

I was just going through some really amazing videos of a certain Indian cine star in YouTube and I couldn’t help wondering if the heroes and directors ever get to watch their own film before its release? If at all they do, either they have cruel hearts or empty minds. It so happens that some of the so called action film run to 100 days of success because of it being treated as a comedy film!


An Apt Title

Before some one asks me about the weird and obsolete title that I have chosen for my blog. I wish to answer…

A few months ago if you had asked me what a blog is I would have said it was a strange creature, probably a slimy one too, more or less like a mud loving earth worm. Boy was I mistaken. You see, even the greatest creation of man kind (read MS Word) did not recognize it as a proper word, so why should, being a puny little mortal, go on to give it a damn?