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பாரென்னும் விரியலில்…
அதிகாலை வேளையில்…
அதிசய மாற்றம்…


Thank You Note

Thank You Note Cover

One of my first mentors told me once that “the reward for good work is more work“! I dismissed her words, of course, as soft coercion. It can’t be great news when your team lead decides to throw in such motivational quotes, for no reason, in the middle of a gruelling work week! Yet these are the very words that I would recollect, every time I was thrown into a maze soon after cracking the one before.


காதலனின் பார்வையில்

Kadhalanin Paarvayil Cover

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பார்ப்பவை எல்லாம் பாலைவனம்,
பருகுபவை எல்லாம் கானல் நீர்.
வண்ணம் இல்லாத வானவில்,
நுரை இல்லா கடல்.


தூங்காயோ என் கண்ணமுதே

For English translation of this poem, please view below YouTube video and turn captions on...


தூங்காயோ என் கண்ணமுதே


Relics from a Bygone Age

I remember that scent, sight and sound
From a time when life's pages had yet to turn
Playing in midday sun until we felt our skins burn
A handful of toys lost yet new friendships found.

Dear Photograph

It was taken here, perhaps eons ago
Over by the building that stands no more.
A person stood by quivering, lips so pale,
Staring at a photo, with a silence stone cold.

The moment felt queer, quiet and still
Shadows long departed, yet an instant stayed on;
Eerie, nostalgic or is it just a trick of light?
An unending display of a time traveller’s skill!

What is it about cherishing old deeds?
To relish and relive a life we can’t feel!
Is it me who has an inquisitive mind?
Or is it the stranger peeking into my void?

Like two ends of a thread in a remarkable yarn
Separated by unseen forces, yet destined to meet;
I see no pattern but I know the design is just great
Lost in this outwardly trance I twist and twine!

I glanced again at the remarkable photograph
And reminisced all the unfelt unknowns!
While I stood there regarding the senses at play
I became yet another visceral moment, locked in time!

2010-2019: Reminiscing My Thirties

The year is almost complete. In a matter of hours, we will step into a new decade and I will look back at the past ten years with a mix of emotions.


USA Trip

It has been nearly a decade since we began traveling outside our homeland. A visit to the United States was long due. We landed in Houston to blast off the vacation of a lifetime!


The Yearbook

The Yearbook

Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.

Dr. Seuss
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The Illusion of Control

Way back in 2004, one of the world’s largest soft drinks company pulled their “pure” bottled water product off the shelves because it had been contaminated with bromate, a cancer-causing chemical. In July 2010, a major tobacco maker admitted that child workers as young as 10 were working in tobacco farms related to them. Now in March 2018, a whistleblower (& thorough investigation) helped show that a data analytics firm might have abused data leak from the world’s largest Social Network.

While it might look inappropriate to compare the above three cases, it is worthy to note that they could have just got away with it, if not for some really gritty people/ media working behind the scenes helping to identify and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Eventually when it comes to lawsuits, be it a major corporation exploiting children living in poor nations or a renowned firm causing health hazard, very little was done (or will be done) to punish big companies. In fact, large firms have the tendency to march on and make their brands even more powerful than before. End of the day, more harm will come to the economy (at least in the short term) by closing them entirely.

In case of the data leak you are more closely impacted no matter how insignificant you think you are and, if you have not realised it already, the best candidate to do damage control should a similar case arise in the immediate future.

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While it cannot even be classified technically as a data breach, that the data mined from Facebook along with promoted ads and a slew of fake news (allegedly backed by a “rival” superpower) eventually might have helped tilt the political climate of what is arguably the world’s most advanced nation. But I would like to keep this post far from politics and more close to real point of concern?—?what can you do to control the information being shared.