The question that defies all answers is not ‘how it all began?’; it’s rather ‘when…’

Certain man-made proportions were well beyond his reach of understanding and so it has been with the myth called time.

So while we sit here and think ‘all’ has a beginning and a well defined end, we can rather limit thoughts by saying our definition of time ends with us.

But it goes on…


The universe, as we understand, began with an exploding atom. A sign of rage or rather a sign of bubbling freedom.

The atom which tried to understand itself expanded in the so called ‘space and time’ constraint with no obvious idea of the consequences of its quest.

Once it feels ‘a begin and an end’ in every moment and movement of its travel, it understands that it is born to seek the only known solution and begins the travel back to where it all began, with a force a zillion times more powerful than the beginning.

It seeps back into the very shell where EVERYTHING began…


In this quest of knowledge and power does the wave of time hit the shores of our soul.


So it is that, when the first ‘powerful ray’, that was created at the beginning of this wave, hit our existence we shall cease to exist as we are; wiping ourselves after understanding the cause of it all.


And when will the one single atom wipe itself?

The answer is obvious.

Once the source reaches its ‘ends’, the one factor that defies boundaries.

A source which lies within it’s self.

The answer to the question that it holds as it’s sole mission shall be self-contained!


LIFE pervades all.

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