An Apt Title

Before some one asks me about the weird and obsolete title that I have chosen for my blog. I wish to answer…

A few months ago if you had asked me what a blog is I would have said it was a strange creature, probably a slimy one too, more or less like a mud loving earth worm. Boy was I mistaken. You see, even the greatest creation of man kind (read MS Word) did not recognize it as a proper word, so why should, being a puny little mortal, go on to give it a damn?

It’s a strange world really and blasphemous things are bound to happen and being a normal human being I decided to poke my nose around finding out what this creature was all about after all. I decided to turn to, perhaps, the only god we mortals will ever get to see – Google.

Whoa! I was paralyzed, stumped at what I was seeing. Amazing really, to see that, it was nothing more than a few billion thoughts. I felt crazy that I had let the idea of slimy sloth creep up in my mind.

Being the modern day internet freak that I was, I decided to join the party. And there I was in front of a screen which informed me very clearly that I was just three steps away from stepping into cyber space, a pride which none of my fore fathers have ever boasted of!

The internet, my friends, is a land of many traps. But I had made up my mind on the plunge and more than soon I was in front of a screen which offered me the convenience of choosing a title for my very own personalized, free space.

Hmmm. Title is it? Now I am really clever at these things. Name it after nature’s forces screamed one thought. Go for Greener Pastures. No make it evil, devilish. How about Bloody Hell goaded another! Make it intellectually appeasing. Now I couldn’t even pick up an example for this.

But being a practical man, none of it applied to my mind. To cut a long story short, I decided to name it after my first ever program. Being a software engineer is sometimes such a boon. Won’t you agree?

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