Indian Cinema

I was just going through some really amazing videos of a certain Indian cine star in YouTube and I couldn’t help wondering if the heroes and directors ever get to watch their own film before its release? If at all they do, either they have cruel hearts or empty minds. It so happens that some of the so called action film run to 100 days of success because of it being treated as a comedy film!

At this rate, they should provide statutory warning proclaiming that the movie is not for those weak at heart or at least that, certain scenes in the movie were developed when the script writer/ director were spending time at the mental asylum.

What surprises me most is the commitment of the so called fans (fanatics would have been more appropriate). They support the noble cause and make the film run for days on end without any concern for real cinema buffs.

  1. If the support for the actor/ director is for certain social activities they had performed, then it can be shown in lot more ways than making a certain pathetic movie run.
  2. If the support is because the previous movies were mass entertainers then better look back and see if the success was due to point number 1!

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