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Towards a Secure and Safe Internet

This ongoing saga might be phase two of Google’s masterplan. Maybe in the next one it might become mandatory for sites to have https without which the user will need to add an exception for the website in the browser’s setting to use it.

While other major web browsers may not get into this game, I am of the belief that eventually the propaganda of a safe and secure internet is extremely strong to be ignored. It would be counter intuitive to not follow suite.

Watch this YouTube video while you are looking into this topic to understand even an unimportant website will need https. If you have read my previous article, you would have noticed my concern about the rise of smart scam plaguing the internet. A concept like https will surely go a long way in helping cut down many such issues.

While I do not have bias towards any of the above options, I personally employed option 3 as:

  1. My website is small and I did not want to get muddled up with Google/ Amazon.
  2. I felt much more in control with this option.

I did ran into minor issues when installing https for my website using Certbot, but was put to ease by the amount of help available via a simple Google search.

I am pretty sure that there are loads of other methods to get your free https issued. I just wanted to get the ball rolling. Hopefully we will get more helpful references in the comments. Until then, thank you for giving this post a patient read till the very end!

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