The First Time

When sweet little petals,
Can’t wait to cushion your feet;

When the ever beautiful moon,
Looses herself in your dark hair;

When roses and sandalwood forget their presence,
In your heavenly fragrance;

When the rays of sunlight try desperately,
To look into your unfathomable eyes;

When the wind stops for a moment,
To whisper a song in your ears;

When the angels try to sing your praise,
But fail permanently in your starry gaze;

When the inexorable time halts fleetingly,
Having lost itself in your pristine beauty;

When eras crumble and legends tumble,
Ashamed of their lost worth in front of you;

When god praises self for having created,
Something above perfection;

I felt all these and much more,
When I first met you!

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