The Beast

And I plunge into the depths
Where I’ve never dared to tread
I take a peek at the inner mirror
Thinking I’ll see my true self…

Horrified at the first glance
A creature emerges – one half me
And the other a hideous monster!
The fiend half awake and waiting…

Why does it dawn on me now?
It loves my lust and all my pain
Feeding on my innermost fears,
It has taken control of me with ease…

Alluring me to a fresh start
I’ve been promised the way away
From my daily stench, from chaotic life
Promises of ‘true’ peace…

Some call it the devil in you
They say it should be killed;
They’ll be sorry, they’ll pay
Once this angel’s awake…

How can I let go of a part of me?
I’ve been preached and deceived.
Far too long I have obeyed the ‘good’
It’s time bid adieu…

The other half is always there
Staring back, monotonously, at me
But it’s not the one I am attracted to
The beast is all I want to be…

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