Plain Dosa

Ok. This one was return in a rather peaceful state of mind. I wanted to write a story which is absolutely bland to the senses but still has some small message to convey. If you are looking for some thrilling/ action filled story, you better look elsewhere. This one is going to be as simple as a “Plain Dosa”…

Amma, is god really going to come out of there?” asked 6 year old Shreya for the nth time, pointing to the massive pile of wood burning in the center of the gathering.

Of course. Now stop talking, lest you wish to disturb the guru and spoil everything?” said Sumitra assuming a serious look.

Yaaaaaaawn“. 7 year old Deepak stretched out his arms as much as he could. He had never seen anything so monotonous and sleepy as the Puja, not even his science classes could get so boring.

Shankar playfully folded Deepak’s hands and the father and son started to do a little bit of boxing amidst the giggles of Shreya and much to the displeasure of Sumitra.

The entire Shankar family was assembled in the temple lawns along with hundreds of other devotees for the Maha Puja which was being conducted for the first time in the town. It was two hours to midnight and the Puja was supposed to continue for another three hours atleast having started an hour late, thanks to the punctuality of the Guru and his herd of shishyas.

Shankar never wanted to attend this Puja. Though not an atheist he never really believed that god was going to pop put of a fire pit. Neither did Sumitra believe for one instance in the crap she heard about the Puja, but she thought that these small things may prove good for their kids who would have usually been watching some stupid film which did nothing more than to spoil their attitude.

Besides it was a pretty rare opportunity to see them both well behaved and staying quiet in one place.

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