I was introduced to her by a pal of mine; a true pal he was. Though I still can’t make out why he had to kill himself in the way he did – hung to death for no goddamn reason! We all felt he was doing absolutely fine.

Anyway, I had been introduced to a lot of them before but none can come close to her! I’ve sort of got hooked on to her – no regrets. You can’t blame it, anyone who came near her would have. The party animal that she was, I could always spot her in all my best buddies’ parties; and she had no qualms in keeping us all happy! That, ladies and gentlemen, was real happiness.

I am aware that some of my other friends feel she’s responsible for so many guys misery. Those idiots even fear some health issue! That’s all, just, so very dramatic. They feel I’d be overwhelmed by their concern. Fools! Some even had the guts to say I’d go bankrupt the way I am spending on her. Who do they think they’re talking to?! I’ve, in fact, never lost clarity of my mind – EVER. In fact I’ve never felt so much better mentally and physically. Being with her makes me strong in every way.

Why waste time talking about those dumb morons when I can think about her… only her… have a good time with her. Yea, even thinking of her is pleasure for me! Oh how beautifully she embraces me; that touch, oh how can I describe that feeling. No one/ nothing have ever made me feel so good about myself.

Probably you’re thinking it’s just an affair, a fling of some sort? No way you idiot! It certainly ain’t that way. This thing… the madness I’ve in my heart, the way she makes me desire her is eternal! Isn’t it obvious she’s the right one for me? Yea she is; my only love; my ecstasy! That’s what we call her – ecstasy!

Every time I go near her I can’t resist smelling her before that touch; oh she fills my senses in that one moment; then there’s always the noise above me – probably it’s in my head, like the one I am hearing now; then the feel that I am being lifted above… Duh! Strange I am able to experience all these even after having felt her quite a long time back! Probably had too much of her this time; it doesn’t matter; she’s worth it! The next moment I feel as if I am in heaven… as if… as if I am floating on air; heck I am even feeling that now. Where am I? Ah, the wind it is so great… cold, but yea man this is great – I really believe I am floating on air. Huhooo!

The next day morning the papers were screaming:

Millionaire jumps off from his private copter! Cops suspect drug overdose…

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