From here I started off to the one monument which was in my itinerary the Victory Column. By the time I walked up to it from a nearby S-Bahn, I was completely out of energy. My legs complained from taking another step further, but I decided to go on as I knew for sure that my train wasn’t due for another two hours or more. I reached the spot, but by now it was so dark that even taking pictures was difficult! But I did manage to click a few shaky ones.

I decided it was enough and caught up a bus to go to the bahnhof. Unfortunately for me, the bus seemed to go anywhere but near the station. I hopped out of it in an unknown place and had to again make a lot of enquiries before getting into the right one. I got down at the station and had ample time for dinner and some well deserved rest!

If you ask me, I’d say this should have been at least a 2-3 day trip to make it complete. But since I didn’t have the time (and accommodation to go with it too), I guess I’ve a valid excuse to my hurried self-guided tour of this famous capital city. I had actually wanted to visit a few more museums and the concentration camps. But as I alluded to before, some of these plans were changed for lack of time and better commute, and others for lack of nerve and resolve!

Despite the one short day that I spent in Berlin, I would still recommend it to people who want to see Germany. One really appreciable thing was the amount of English speaking Germans that you’d find in this place. Linguistic capabilities apart, the people of the city were, in general, very helpful and respectful; the city itself has immense treasures to offer for those who seek entertainment and also for people seeking knowledge. I am sure that it would take a few days to fully cover all the big museums of central Berlin! I’ll say this: Berlin – Go for it! No other capital city can get bigger or better!

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