Zootropolis – A New Change

When being honored publicly by the chief of police, Judy blurts out that all the afflicted animals were of class ‘predator’. Not a single ‘prey’ has been affected by the disease whose cause is still not known. This interview brings out animosity for the first time in centuries when preys start to distrust the predators. This, I believe, is the central theme of the movie – how fear and misinformation is destroying today’s world!

This single interview destroys all the trust and friendship she has built with Nick so far. With the new change of attitude in the animals, Judy finally looses hope – that she can change the world for good. She goes back to her little town, despite the desperate talk of the chief of police and the new mayor (Ms. Bellwether). She tries disappearing from the job she is destined for.

But when the universe conspires you have no places to hide. She learns that the term Night Howlers not only denotes wolves but also a species of plants that has psychotropic effects in all animals – predator, prey et all! Armed with the new fact, Judy goes back to Zootropolis and patches up with Nick.

Her instincts and their investigations lead them to an underworld organization reminiscent of “Breaking Bad” type villains. She does not get intimidated by either the circumstances, or the stature of the rogues. They hunt down and ‘accidentally destroy’ almost all evidence of the underground drug lab.

But they still have a small piece of evidence which the master criminal now seeks to get his/ her hands on. How Judy and Nick stand up against the biggest criminal of their time forms the rest of the very gripping story. I will probably let this little plot twist remain a secret for you to watch the film.

Zootropolis is not really a movie that you watch for suspense or comedy. It is one of those classics which kids and adults can enjoy together. The plot reaches out to everyone and conveys the simple but very important message – DO NOT to trust or judge someone simply by their skin, clothing or outward behavior; people are more than good and bad and this world sometimes has foxes that do good and sheep that simply are wolves in disguise!

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