Worth The Wait

In a world dogged
By paradigms set
By humans equally

In a life marred
With paranoia
Self induced
And superstitions, self set…

I long to see the
Shackles broken
From sub-standard prisons
Of the soul revered!

The ultimate task is
But a simple one;
To share and feel
A love undemanding and pure!

Looking beyond shadows and
The haze of clout
You’re all that I care for
Everything that I long for!

Beyond rationale,
The mind is straightforward;
The crave and desire
Is ablaze for everyone from within!

To put in simple words
You are a part of me
An element gushing with force
A spirit untainted!

Come to me quickly
From beyond this fog called life,
Screaming with joy
Spilling merriment!

The pain could be tormenting
And time could test my fortitude;
But some things are simply,
Worth the wait!

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