Work Life – Is it Really Balanced?

There was once this sailor who was shipwrecked and going the way of the wind on a small boat when he suddenly saw the broken pieces of his ship.

First there was a torn piece of cloth from the sail. He felt he should carry this – after all wasn’t he connected to the ship even after its demise?

Then came the rudder, he pulled it in too with great eager.

Then came a big log of wood; the sentimental fool that he was he dragged all that mass onto his tiny new home.
One after the other he picked up the lost pieces and quite obviously ended up without any space left for him.

Undeterred he jumped out of his safe haven and tugged on to the boat with all his might. The boat still supported him as much as it could. But it wasn’t to be forever for a storm raged that night like none other. Try as much as he might, he could not battle nature on her own ground. Just when he was about to let go the storm calmed down.

His little joy (the boat) had taken a beating but wasn’t broken yet.

But the fool that he was, he didn’t think of dropping any of his precious (and quite useless) paraphernalia. He paddled along supporting his work on his tiny personal abode.

And so on it continued till one fine day the tiny little boat slowly sunk away too and our satirical-hero was left clutching nothing but those pieces of no good artifacts; floating away in nature’s fury into the abyss that had sustained his burden for so long!


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