Why Is It?

Why is it, that,
Caste ridden society can never progress
Yet no society has known to be sans-caste?

Why is it, that,
A man is tongue tied seeing his beloved
When they are meant to chit-chat for eternity?

Why is it, that,
Men need borders to keep organized
Whilst the heart roams scot-free?

Why is it, that,
People argue whose god exists and doesn’t
When none of them know nor have they seen or felt?

Why is it, that,
Man gains so much knowledge
Yet manages to lose virtues?

Why is it, that,
Despite of knowing that time obeys no master
More than once in a lifetime you will it to stop?

Why is it, that,
People fear one death
When they have so much to live for?

Why is it, that,
One needs terror to strike fear in minds
When man’s greatest weakness is love?

Why is it, that,
In spite of having learnt so much
No one will ever understand a child’s cry better than a mom?

Why is it, that,
Humans speak countless languages
Yet a moment of silence is considered golden?

Why is it, that,
You and I need reasons to fight and kill
When it is so simple to fall in love?

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