What’s Your Attitude?

When the whole world seems
To indulge in “certain” immoral acts,
When your options are but restricted
To, the much biased, right and wrong,
What will you chose – a safe mistake or an unsafe truth?

When a stranger unknown, lies broken
For a mistake self committed; an error that you loathe
Sadness engulfing him, for there’s no comeback,
Kith and kin having abandoned him to a cruel fate,
What would be your way – empathy or hatred?

When all your mistakes surround you,
With swords of justice marking your crime,
When you feel, you can still get away with all that you love,
Would you take care, to stop for a moment
And think of the significance of the lesson learned?

When the offender pleads guilty – in “true sense”
For the sins committed in time long gone
Through actions and events that can’t be undone
Would you, the victim, have it in you
To pardon and (still) prove the power of justice?

Where does your mind persist – a foolhardy act or in conscious self?
What’s your stance in times of hate?
Would you melt or mold – under the flames of truth?
What would become of you when pushed to your limits?
Who will come out from within – a fiend or a saint?

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