Weather The Storm

I stood there in the porch
Waiting for the sun to come out;
Little did I know the storm was dense
That we were already blind in every sense.

Wary I was of the weather that day
I knew pretty well there was mischief in the wind;
But I preferred to wait and watch
Oh it was nothing new at all.

I heard from near and far
Cries that this was a weird little storm;
Trust I did in my fellow men
I was sure the trouble would soon pass.

It was not to be that small
Not a tiny little speck after all;
I bet everyone was just waiting for peace
Just waiting for things to settle down.

The woods that moaned and the birds that fled
Should have been omen enough for a sane man.
But yet I stood there and watched
The song of gale, the storm that just did not seem to pass.

By the time it was finished, the place was in chaos
Nothing was left to stand and the scene an eyesore;
Not one leaf clung, not a willow stood
The trees were just naked for everyone to laugh at.

I realized then that I stood not on a nice terrace
But right on the edge of a suicidal fall!
Oh how foolish‘ I thought
I had been an optimist too far!

The men who promised hope
Were running helter-skelter;
The mess was not just theirs
Everyone’s honor IS at stake!

I grasped that this storm wasn’t the last one
Evidently there are many more to come;
Let us, the fools, learn from mistakes and gain
At least try not to make them again!


Ethavathu puriyara mathiri simple-aa sollupa..

feeling sad about cwg, govt mismanagement etc

Correct Rajesh. But somehow CWG will be a success, I think.

nrajesh says:

I really really hope it is!

even i feel the same.. We are capable of doing wonders in the eleventh hour 🙂

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