USA Trip

Day three took us out of NY and towards DC. As tourists we couldn’t resist making visits to the many monumental landmarks that chiseled America’s great history. But first we had some old friends to catch up with!

The third day of the final leg was bright and hot and so were our curious minds. We visited the Smithsonian Air and Space museum followed by Museum of Natural History. The Capitol was in quite some distance, but still presented a fantastic view We slowly walked towards Washington monument and then took a cab that took us to Lincoln monument passing via The White House. The view from the top of the stairs in Lincoln monument was astounding indeed!

The same evening we were back to NY for our last night of this trip. There was still so much to see, learn and witness. Coming from The Netherlands and hearing so much about The Starry Night, The Museum of Modern Art was an obvious choice. We spent an afternoon staring at Van Gogh’s canvases and mulled over Picasso’s masterpieces. Like what we had experienced in Louvre, although our mind kept telling us to move on our heart dwelled for some more time to be lost in the world of art!

We went through the heart of Manhattan to do some quick shopping before making a very short stop at Central Park. Having a park as large as this in the middle of New York made it possible to witness some very unique views. It was soon time for our flight and we hailed one of those famous Yellow Taxis, collected our bags from our hotel and were off.

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Pavithra Srinivasan says:

Nicely wrapped up and well presented 👏

Srinivasan says:

👋 really nicely wrapped up and well presented. All the kudos to him. Even people who read this and see the photos may feel as if they themselves visited these places.
Super. All the very best Mr. Rajesh.

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