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Next up was a visit to the enthralling Muir Woods. We were only there for a couple of hours, yet it seemed magical. Words won’t do justice when I say we felt insignificant while standing next to those ancient giants; they were not just trees, but witnesses to birth of civilizations!

While going back to our hotel, we stopped for a quick photo-shoot at the Golden Gate bridge viewpoint by sunset. Now, we did pass through the gate while going towards the redwood forest, but to see its color lit up so at dusk was scintillating – what a marvelous piece of engineering!

I got to catch up with a bunch of my college buddies working in San Jose after nearly a decade. We managed to have sumptuous dinner & then spent a couple of hours reminiscing our teens. It just felt like hanging out in our campus. What great memories!

Being right at Silicon Valley we paid a quick visit to Google HQ at Mountain View & I traveled alone to Apple HQ at Cupertino to do some shopping! Since we were staying at Belmont, we managed to glimpse glorious sunset views of the Oracle HQ as well. There is no dearth to IT giants in this part of the world, but we wanted to show our kids, the birth place of most start-ups – the sprawling Stanford campus.

The evening we visited some friends and relatives living in SFO. The last day was quite adventurous for my wife as she ended up doing sky diving. Overall, this part of our USA trip was jam packed with get-together and doing something fun for the adults. We were off to Frisco again leaving Bay Area with very vivid memories.

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Pavithra Srinivasan says:

Nicely wrapped up and well presented 👏

Srinivasan says:

👋 really nicely wrapped up and well presented. All the kudos to him. Even people who read this and see the photos may feel as if they themselves visited these places.
Super. All the very best Mr. Rajesh.

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