True Desire

In undeniable rhapsody was I,
A blissful dreamland my life doted!
Hitherto imagined life had nothing beyond,
Until the tempest stepped in my life!

Pain and anger, sufferings of heart
Aware of none, the delusion prolonged
Unperturbed was how I felt
Till all my feelings lingered on you…

Pathos, Chaos, lust and love
Unwanted emotions surging in mind
Never had I, a brush with the other side
Till ye set this contented soul on fire!

Prayers unending yet my worships fail
Unfathomed desires encircle the pure
Haunted is my spirit for eternity and beyond,
Gale is but my girl’s one glance!

Paranoid, discontent, no malady undone
The tired traveler within seeks who?
I realize, true desire is a hunt for the soul ripped apart;
And you are that ember in the burning pages of my life!


kannappa says:

the black bkrnd makes it difficult to read. so i use select all to get the letters in a white fiels to read. may be u can fnd a better eye friendly bkgrnd.

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