Trip To Wayanaad

A travelogue which should have been written more than a month back!

How does it feel to be in God’s own country? Hmmm, a question to ponder indeed.

Welcome to Kerala screams a sign board and a much better welcome one can’t expect.

To be amidst friends, putting out all the work tension behind, traveling to an unknown place, pre-monsoon weather. What more can one ask for?

The travel was the only tough part to handle, esp. with a slight back ache. We went to Coimbatore junction early in the morning and got into two mini cabs waiting for us.

We traveled for quite sometime to reach Wayanaad. Probably coming from Cochin might have been better, but I couldn’t have cared less.

Our resort (Wynberg) was quite far off and very isolated. It was surrounded by farms and trees and had a style of it’s own.

The reception was very warm and the stay comfy! The food prepared was quite sumptuous (made me wonder where do they get such stuff from in such a lonely place!) and we had a jolly good time out there.

On day one we just visited some nearby places – some view point and nothing much. Day two was much more happening with visits to Sujipara falls, boating and Muthanga sanctuary. Yup, that just summarizes the whole trip – yeah only two places only!

Wondering what sort of a trip it was with visits to only two places and two days of travel? Be with the bunch of people with whom I traveled and go to Wayanaad and you’ll know why!

One thing which deserves a mention here is the build up to monsoon weather. In fact, we had doubts as to whether we will reach Coimbatore junction in time for our train thanks to the mercurial weather and a sudden traffic jam which had shut up one way of the mountain route (entirely) for nearly two hours.

All said and done, it was enjoyable and a real good break from the mechanical Chennai life. My eyes are still thirsting for all that greenery – an addiction which is worth getting hooked up to! Wayanaad (or Kerala in general) is a place which promises and delivers!

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