Trip to Wales

Our long walk to the cable car ended in frustration. Knowing that driving to the top of the Orme was not going to give us any better view in this weather we decided to move on to the Conwy Castle.

The castle is pretty old and interesting structure. But the walk around the fort walls was even more interesting to us. Some parts of the walk has pretty good views of the terrain of Conwy.

We headed over to Snowdonia mountain rail. Initially we ended up getting to a big train yard that turned out to be Snowdonia river train (thanks to the proximity of the two touristy stations). Finally we got our tickets at the right spot.

The ride takes an hour either way punctuated by a half an hour halt at the top. The journey provided truly spectacular views of the mountain, grassland, rivers and the sea in the distance (all thanks to the sunny weather).

The halt at the top was spent in taking panoramas and selfies. If you like hiking then you can choose to trek your way around. There were also folks who decided to do paragliding as well.

The two days spent in this part of The Wales provided us with a much needed break of routine. There”s definitely a lot more that can be done in and around Llandudno, but for a quick weekend visit definitely consider the places listed above.

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