Trip to Wales

After many a moon I managed to take a quick break from work and buy myself a long weekend. Our two day visit to Wales was filled with the usual jam packed travelling and sightseeing.

We journeyed 4+ hours on our first long drive in the UK. The drive ended with the sight of beautiful hilly terrain and a glorious view of the sea. Llandudno was not as crowded as I had feared – probably the benefit of NOT travelling in holiday season.

We took a good rest before driving on to Chester zoo. I initially did not feel that the zoo was any different from the others I”ve seen in the past and was wondering what the hype was all about.

Turns out that they have designed the entire place to look and feel as close to the natural habitat of the animals. Even the everyday feeding of the animals is a scientifically studied, well orchestrated puzzle. For example, the Jaguar is sometimes fed meat in the branch of the tree and sometimes in hung nets. It really has to smell and work out a way to get to its food rather than just lazing around.

It was not just the food. The animals do roam quite a lot and unlike in other zoos the glass encasing helps to get real close to the creatures and feel less like a cage.

When you got a monorail with two stations and a boat ride around several mini islands you can rest assured that the zoo is not an ordinary one! It took us an entire day to cover around 60% of the zoo! The kids (and adults) ended up loving the place.

Our trip then took us to the marina where we spent time making little sand castles. We walked out to the edge of a very old pier and took a breath of fresh sea wind.

The next day was supposed to begin with a visit to the Great Orme. Unfortunately the weather played spoil sport.

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