Trip to Netherlands

For day two I had just one thing in mind – to see the famous tulip garden of Keukenhof. The travel is quite far indeed and in general ends in an over crowded bus whose trip simply seems to go on and on! But there would be very little to complain for the journey is filled with beautiful scenery and even some miniature tulip gardens that simply build up expectations.

Keukenhof is indeed beautiful! Not just the tulips, but the way in which the place is neatly organized and very tourist friendly is something wonderful. I’ll not forget of course that here was where I first got a glimpse of the famous windmills from Holland!

We tried visiting a few museums (like the Van Gogh) after coming back, but it was rather too late. We had some good meal in a nearby Indian restaurant and took a stroll in the streets of Amsterdam. I got to see some rather strange sights like the guy selling “Bhagwat Gita” in the streets famous for drug peddlers. But my ten cents went to the girl on street who was making her living by playing a flute with a dog at her feet – for choosing a “more dignified” life than some women just two streets away! I must admit, the city takes an alarmingly different look after sunset! But I guess its a part of the culture here.

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