Trip to Netherlands

After this quick tour of the vicinity me and a few friends hopped off to Den Haag to do the thing we came here for – Bungee! I’ll never forget the mix of excitement and fear when I got strapped on to the bungee rope. The thrill grew sky high when I looked down (I wonder how I managed that) and saw the open waters inviting me for the plunge! The moment I lost that firm “supportive” grip of the ground and entered the so far unknown territories of free fall and mad adrenalin rush would never be forgotten. I’d surely recommend this experience to anyone who’s looking for some “quick fun” in Netherlands than to any other means!

We paid a quick visit to the beach before heading to the beautiful “city” of Madurodam. Don’t be shocked if you can’t spot it on the map. I guess by all means this would be the smallest city in the world! Also known as mini Holland this small area captures very beautifully the essence of Netherlands and portrays all the important places of the country as miniature models! But I guess, more than anything else, it was the beautiful country side that really captured my heart.

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