Trip to Netherlands

It is sad to note that the beautiful country of Holland has come to be popular for all wrong reasons. I would like to showcase the small cities of Amsterdam and Den Haag, and the village of Keukenhof as I saw it during my two day trip and hope, eventually, to set the right tone for this beautiful country.

My trip began with a visit to the Dam Square (as my hotel was located here). It’s comfortably located near the main station and has quite a few attractions to offer. I went to the Dungeon hoping it was one of those – but sadly it turned out to be a flop show. There was a little bit of thrill and excitement of seeing something new, but the idea of being scared was buried right with the first two or three scenes in this place. My suggestion would be to avoid this and save an hour, and proceed directly to Madame Tussauds wax museum. Chances are you’ll be frightened by the initial few sections there!

This wasn’t my first visit to Madam Tussauds and I knew what to expect and it fulfilled my expectations. It was good to see some new wax models and esp. even more good to see my own 3D image being “enshrined” in a see through cube 😀

The Dam Square itself is a good hang-out location and is especially so in the evenings when there are a lot of street performers around this place.

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