Trip to München

Second day began even slower than the first. But had more significance for we managed to catch up with a lot of college mates – whom we had very little contact over these past few years! Probably a bit of nostalgia together with remnant excitement from previous days talks led us to dial one number after another and talk to our heart’s content till afternoon!

Later on we managed to just about cover up the main itinerary for the day, the city center. The heart of Munich (old) city center is occupied by the Rathaus and the nearby show rooms – pretty expensive these!

We roamed around, saw the main monuments and buildings around together with some prominent churches, the area where Hitler got arrested (which in turn led him to write the book), the art center and a couple of more shops.

I was supposed to be trying out the local car pooling to reach back home, but quite unfortunately for me it didn’t work out that well owing to some mis-communication and probably misunderstandings! Anyway to cut a long story short I was back in my room, within a short span of time, reviewing the snaps taken on my new high budget gizmo!

Here are sSome pictures of Munich that I would remember this trip by:

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