Trip to München

The weekend began with a bang to say the least! I managed to get my first SLR! Getting a new gadget is always such a good kick 😉

Well afterward there was more excitement to follow!

When my college mate wanted me to come and visit München for the weekend, little did I know I was embarking on a mini European tour! My idea of Munich was the tower and of course the Arena. I guess the beauty of European cities lie in the old towns!

Anyways, I didn’t visit any part of Munich during the first day. The day was more dedicated to Füssen, Hohenschwangau and its Schloss and THE Schloss!

The journey was a bit longer than I expected, but the food I had (thanks to my friend again) made me forget the tiredness altogether! Then again there was the beauty of Alps and Bavarian landscape to accompany me throughout the two hour ride; beautiful would be an understatement!

After reaching Füssen, I managed to get a distant view of the two castles. But the intensity of the liking for the main castle didn’t sink in, until a few hours later!

When my friend said he’s taking me for a short trekking, little did I realize it was meant to be more of a military drill. The climb was steep in most parts but fortunately shady (and in a decently warm climate)! Of course the brief glimpse of the nearing castle and it’s cousin in the distance only added more enthusiasm to my tired legs. But in the end I’d say it was really worth the effort!

The highlight of course was the view of Neuschwanstein from Marienbrücke – an unforgettable glimpse; the clear sunny day only added to the beauty of the view 😀 They say the castle and its surroundings look different (still beautiful) during each season of the year. Probably another item in my to-see list!

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priya says:

next time send your pictures along with the sceneries & others.also of pavi.

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