Trip to Kerala

Sensing Kerala is not the same as what we get to see in those subtle Incredible India ads – believe me on this. It takes more than just good planning and a great place to create a memorable trip. Down the years when I travel back the memory lane I’ll still look back at our “hectic” five day trip to Thrissur not with apathy or anguish, as can be expected from an extraordinarily tiring and gruesome trip, but rather with amazement at the abundance of nature that I got to see in so many varied forms.

Let me stop nagging with those high-sounding words and get to the real deal. My trip was planned in such a way that we would go sight seeing to places near and far from Thrissur. I had even gone to the extent of deciding the places by hearsay. Okay, that was a big mistake – to make plans out of thin air!

But I did get the first day right. The hotel we landed was really comfortable. The weather, was simply, Kerala at it’s best – drizzles and a bit of afternoon sunshine. We started towards Athirappilly waterfalls as planned. The ride was terrible considering the condition of the roads and the state of the KSRTC bus! Once we were in sight of the beautiful falls the heavens opened and the drizzle gradually developed into a big storm.

After spending little time seeing the falls, we thought we can still squeeze a visit to Vazhachal falls. But after learning that this was more than 5 kms uphill and the next bus was not scheduled for another two hours we decided to head back. We had a breakdown incident with the bus we were traveling in, but probably it was the continuation of my rotten luck with buses to far off places. Anyhow it got resolved in some time, much to our relief and that of others on board as well!

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Pavi says:

Definitely was a refreshing and memorable trip. More to mention – our son’s first over night train journey – He seemed to like it and also adjusted a lot both with the space and also the food. Thanks to our little darling for adding on to our fun and excitement with his mystic words and his usual mischief 🙂

nrajesh says:

The trip was definitely more fun all because of him 🙂

Savi says:

Nice, you do have a way with words 🙂 I saw pics that Pavi sent & you guys sure had fun. All our team trips are still fresh in my mind. Would love to have more of those… 🙂

nrajesh says:

Can't forget those 🙂

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