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Towards a Secure and Safe Internet

Option 1: Google Cloud

In the beginning of 2017, Google established Google Trust Services which now operates several Root Certificates. For the next one year they have been smartly lobbying for the cause of a secure internet.

Yes?—?Google Cloud! I think this whole drama of forcing https in one way or the other was to drive more folks in exploring Google’s other products. In this case Google Cloud.

Basically, you map a domain to your app, prove ownership, and App Engine automatically provisions an SSL certificate and renews it whenever necessary, at no additional cost. Managed SSL certificates in App Engine is free – for now. Time will tell if Google will stay committed to this cause or will change tunes!

Google also run their own Domain purchasing service, which they have kindly integrated as a link inside their Cloud setup walk-through. Talk about coincidences!

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing (Image Source: Internet)

Option 2: AWS

You cannot keep Amazon away from the thick of action can you? However, this might not be for everyone. Amazon’s suite of services grows at an incredible pace. For many small players it might be tedious to keep up with this growth without employing Associate/ Professional Developers/ Solution Architects.

Nonetheless, the landing page for pricing of AWS Certificate Manager is kept super simple. So simple, in fact, that you might just pause and glance up to the security sign on your address bar!

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