Top Slip & Pollachi Trip

The adventure started even before the trip began with a nail biting finish by the guys to the platform just as the train started moving away. It was an awesome trip filled with loads of laughter, fun and some really good sight-seeing. Pollachi is not a remote place on earth. Neither is it unfamiliar for people who are used to its pleasant climate and amazing locales. On August 4th a team of 15 left for a compact trip to Top Slip and Pollachi, and what an amazing trip it turned out to be.

After a routine train journey to reach Coimbatore on a lovely morning we started off in the mini-cab to hotel Sakthi in Pollachi. A short rest was all the team required to be up and running to the beautiful and fascinating Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary (Top Slip).

It was a scenic beauty, every spot was a photographer’s paradise and the trek around the forest, we were told, was worth the effort! So we started off with a short ride in a jeep around the forest, having a look at what it had to offer. We were lucky to spot a few wild beasts, but it was just a routine trip around. Nothing could beat the fun of trekking that place. And trek we did… for a good part of the whole afternoon, we walked around the forest. Man that was amazing. It was so good to be in our primitive self 😉 The forest was, to be put in one word – fantabulous! It may need several days just to glimpse at every variety of life surrounding us but only a few minutes to get addicted to it.

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