Sometimes we think of something really well and good, probably out of ordinary, but certainly not out of focus. Then we start to review our thoughts and put ourselves in the shoes of Mr. X and Ms. Y and think what would they feel when they read this state of our mind? How would they react to this opinion of mine? Isn’t what I am doing incorrect in the eyes of him/ her? Wouldn’t it be great if they thought like so and so? And finally we end up doing the unthinkable – revisit those thoughts.

Like a mother who wants to see her child in some manner when in front of others, we alter the thought slowly, carefully ensuring that we don’t hurt its feelings. We tell our thoughts how to behave properly when exposed to the world and make it realize it is not good enough in the form that it is at the moment.

We tell the very feeling that we had created, that it is not perfect. We tell it what is right and wrong. You can’t parade naked in front of everyone can you? You need a cover to hide your true belief. You’ll kill yourself if those thoughts were to die, but you can’t stand them the way they are!

And thoughts like innocent children following a parent, obey you wholly. They do your bidding; wear a cloth, change the way they look and present themselves in a beautifully embellished look; and you are proud of what you have done to those million things which went on to emblazon that feeling.

You don’t have to be ashamed of your belief; you don’t need to go overboard to present a thought. A simple concept said out across truthfully will have more impact that a countless headless ideas. Sculpture your thoughts and chisel them with your own head. Don’t ever moderate them. They are the real you. You’ll loose yourself without them!

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