The Unfortunate Swiss Trip

In the morning she was feeling lot better and we had a choice to either move to our next destination (Wilderswil) to take complete rest for next two days amidst the peace and quiet mountain air or to go back to our small town. There was always the third option of staying in same room (or hotel), but neither of us wanted to do anything with this idea (despite the nice hotel staff)!

In the end, we decided to go back canceling our whole trip; seemed to be a wiser choice considering how troubled my wife was. She seemed to consider the same old town, which she used to call most boring a few days back, as her safest haven!

I called up the hotels I had booked to find out that we would still be charged for the stay (due to some cancellation policy of theirs) – definitely not so nice of them! Later on I also found that the return ticket which I had the intuition to book in first class ICE/ IC could not be canceled; owing to the fact that they were special bahn tickets! This was German efficiency (in terms of policies) screwing an already out of place trip!

It didn’t matter in anyway, we came back in the fastest route possible and that was about it. The trip which we both had considered as our most special one, ended even without clicking one single pic in my newly bought cam! Our journey through the beautiful country (excluding the freak trip to the hospital) was roughly the 100 meter walk to the hotel. As they say some things don’t happen the way you wish! Well, there’s always the next time!!

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  1. We should first thank the Almighty for His timely help and assistance. I was literally crying when I read your sentence “suspected it a miscarrying”. I was just imagining how the situation would be when both of you were stranded without any of us by your side. I thanked Lord
    Venkateswarar for all His timely help to you. Both of you don’t worry keep trusting Him (Lord Venkat). He will always be by your side.

    My best wishes to both of you.

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