The Unfortunate Swiss Trip

Strange though it may seem, we never contacted anyone throughout this series of events, not just because we didn’t want our near and dear ones to panic, but simply because I couldn’t! My wife’s mobile had run out of currency and mine had somehow gotten locked. It was as we say in India “adding more masala to the mix”!

I finally found some means to make a call through some calling card and the first thing I tried was making a call to the insurance company to see if they cover our expenses! That’s when I realized none of the numbers given in that sheet of paper seemed to work from Swiss (each being a toll free in different countries)! Though I had the company’s emergency contact all they could provide me was with a wrong number! I felt completely helpless.

In the meanwhile, things were getting better with my wife and she felt totally uncomfortable in the hospital (which was very usual of her). We managed to convince the doc that we would be staying in a nearby place and can come in anytime she wanted. This happened at least six hours from the moment we stepped in to the hospital! In all this time we were simply waiting – sometime for the doc, sometime for her senior’s opinions, sometime for some test reports (which were all fine in the end) and sometime simply because we had nothing else to do or nowhere to go!

We had lots of discussion with the doc on the to-dos and not to-dos. Finally she said it’s our decision and got some papers signed from us to make sure of this. We decided to stay in the same god forsaken room, as we had no other place to go for the night. We never planned anything for the next day; I guess at some point we realized how futile our preparations were in front of fate’s play!

By night I managed to unlock my mobile and that was really good as it seemed to open us up to rest of the world (ah the power of technology)! We made calls to whomever we could think of, asking for opinions in case they were calm, else telling them not to panic (and get us worried too)! As it was things were getting better for my wife.

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  1. We should first thank the Almighty for His timely help and assistance. I was literally crying when I read your sentence “suspected it a miscarrying”. I was just imagining how the situation would be when both of you were stranded without any of us by your side. I thanked Lord
    Venkateswarar for all His timely help to you. Both of you don’t worry keep trusting Him (Lord Venkat). He will always be by your side.

    My best wishes to both of you.

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