The Unfortunate Swiss Trip

It was an interesting fact that the ambulance was never in a RUSH’ mode – meaning, no sirens no driving in blind speeds! So I somewhat realized how important this situation was ‘medically’! It took nearly half an hour of stumbling in terms of procedures that I was unused to, currency conversions, language barriers and inter-country documentations to be okayed (it was a good thing I carried our medical insurance papers). My wife was, in the meanwhile, kept in a stretcher near the ultra sound room; we were told that there was another person inside (possibly another emergency).

It was after this hiatus that we met the doc – a lady who seemed very calm, but unsure of the reasons; probably still in her early stages of being a medic. She questioned my wife to get in line with her history before beginning to examine her for the next 10-15 minutes. She still didn’t tell us if things are okay for the baby. Every examination turned to be really painful for us.

We were finally told the reasons for the condition my wife was in was due to some blood clot, the source of which must be examined by keeping my wife under observation for about two days! This was something which neither of us was prepared for. The doc then went on to do a quick ultra-sound to check if things are really going okay for a baby enjoying its 16th week of it’s life!

This was perhaps the only good outcome during the entire trip; perhaps the causes leading to this scene were sour, but definitely this was something worth it. I got to see my baby for the first time, alive and kicking (literally)! I had come here to Germany when my wife had done her initial ultra sound scans. So this was something that I had totally missed.

What a moment it was to see our baby move and cuddle in its mother’s womb! A face that was developing more features by the day, a brain (hopefully as smart as mine ;)), twiddling limbs, a small little tummy of its own and oh how can I forget the sight of that small beating heart. It was great to know things were fine with the baby and to see it in real was magical in its own way! I had never felt the way I did at that moment!

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  1. We should first thank the Almighty for His timely help and assistance. I was literally crying when I read your sentence “suspected it a miscarrying”. I was just imagining how the situation would be when both of you were stranded without any of us by your side. I thanked Lord
    Venkateswarar for all His timely help to you. Both of you don’t worry keep trusting Him (Lord Venkat). He will always be by your side.

    My best wishes to both of you.

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