The Unfortunate Swiss Trip

The journey was in the late evening. So I don’t think it is necessary to write a few words about the aw-so-lovely details of the passing trees, green fields and beautiful mountains. That apart, journey in first class of an ICE/ IC was really great; it wasn’t the luxury of a maharaja, but hey it’s definitely worth mentioning!

We reached the destination spot on; thanks to German efficiency! There were no setbacks and simply no problems. The hotel was as it promised to be – pretty decent to say the least. There was no hotel staff, so we simply used the pass-code given to us to get our keys and go in.

We were tired, yet so excited; the next day we had plans to start to Interlaken.

Ahem, sometimes plans are simply meant to be just plans! The first thing I remember in the morning was my wife panicking and telling me there was a problem. Well, she was pregnant and ahem suspected a miscarriage! I kind of became blank for a few moments, rushed to the receptionist (who had arrived early morning) and requested for some medical support. I must say the hotel staff was really kind and cooperative during these pressing moments.

I expected a gynecologist to arrive, but never expected my wife to be carried away in an ambulance to the nearby hospital. Well I can simply say the situation demanded it; but nevertheless expected lesser drama. Our fears didn’t reduce till at some point of the journey the attendants enquired with docs and informed that the symptoms my wife had were sometimes common and there’s no reason to panic.

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  1. We should first thank the Almighty for His timely help and assistance. I was literally crying when I read your sentence “suspected it a miscarrying”. I was just imagining how the situation would be when both of you were stranded without any of us by your side. I thanked Lord
    Venkateswarar for all His timely help to you. Both of you don’t worry keep trusting Him (Lord Venkat). He will always be by your side.

    My best wishes to both of you.

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