The Unfortunate Swiss Trip

What promised to be once in a lifetime kind of trip turned out to be less than mundane, a shame to the less ordinary; it was a classic tale of “so near yet so far”! In a scale of one to ten, 10 being the most happiest and 1 (quite obviously) the saddest I would rate the trip to my dream place (and that of my wife too) as -1!

The trip had no glitches in itself, as the planning was done well in advance; except of course for breaking the surprise part which hadn’t happened exactly as I had expected, but the buildup of excitement to the day of the trip was just about right.

We decided to leave earlier than is necessary for us, from our home in this little known town, and thank god for this (or should I?)! It was here that things started going from “that-was-smooth” to “time-to-hurry-up” phase! I am not sure if this was any indication of how worse it could get!!

The bus, which usually is never is late, decided to skip its work for the day. It began as an eager wait with a happy mind and ended up as an unwanted anxious part of the plan. In the end we decided to catch a taxi (just 40 minutes before our train). Unfortunately there was no taxi in sight, neither any in the taxi stand! A call to the usual call-a-cab number was answered by a gentleman who promised to pick us up long after our train was half way to its destination – in short it seemed like a no-go!

Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) a cab came our way, out of nowhere. We were happy beyond words, but a sudden decision to share the cab with some desperate looking guy only made things worse – at least seemingly so. But it wasn’t all that bad as the guy decided to share more than his pay for the trip and we ended up catching the train very conveniently.

The feeling at that fleeting moment: Swiss – here we come!!

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psv says:

We should first thank the Almighty for His timely help and assistance. I was literally crying when I read your sentence “suspected it a miscarrying”. I was just imagining how the situation would be when both of you were stranded without any of us by your side. I thanked Lord
Venkateswarar for all His timely help to you. Both of you don’t worry keep trusting Him (Lord Venkat). He will always be by your side.

My best wishes to both of you.

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