The Train Journey

I came running onto the platform,
To embark on a magical journey
Through moving mountains, over rivers;
Through dark tunnels and black forests.

It never occurred to me for a second
How lucky I was to be
Staring over a world so different
Right out of the panes of my window!

Then it began to move
Like a serpent winding its way
Through metals and stone
Slithering and speeding away.

When the chatter and noises
Of the hawkers and station had died
The voices of nature
Began to echo around the woods.

The trees began to wave at me
Realizing we may never meet again
The mountains looked somber and stern
Amidst clouds that rocked its head.

Kids who live in lands unknown
Began smiling and waving,
Jumping with joy
As the living metal hissed its way.

The rivers beneath thundered!
And the tunnels surprised;
There was joy,
And there was delight.

Strangers meeting strangers
In a life of just few hours
Like the bees that thrive
For the nectar – of friendship.

And then it happened,
The monster had stopped
Right in the middle of nowhere,
Letting all this beauty seep through it!

The grass is always green
On all sides, in this heaven,
A journey so strange
Can never ever be forgotten!

As I stepped back to another platform,
I turned back and it hissed
One last time, as if to sigh!
A bond was to be broken again.

So died the journey
And the magic with it;
But the beauty of the images
Is captured forever… in my mind.

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