The Tower by the Sea

The tower stood lonely
Rocked by the sea;
The tower, told to be made of stone,
Was bent on guiding thee!

Years of struggle with the water
A forlorn sight it wore;
It was no great warrior
But a fighter nonetheless!

Waiting for her estranged kids
Guiding them all ashore;
The tower gleamed back into the darkness,
A noble crown dost she own!

When hopes are dashed amidst the rocks
With all hell breaking loose
The ocean turns out to be a deserting friend
Lo and behold – a faithful beam is seen!

And like the treacherous sea,
So do we back away!
Once the safety of the shore is reached
It is the tower we first forget!

Jumping at glee with what we got
We forget whom we are;
While she continues to guide
The “rest of us” – to the safety of the land!

We go back again
To that treacherous friend – thinking of “more”;
And who is there to bid goodbye?
It’s the tower by the sea!

And the tower stands lonely
Still rocked by the sea…
Is it the tower that is made of stone?
Or is it you and me?


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