The Taste of True Faith

It is said that the wave of refugees would never stop arriving. But having seen the hardships that his parents went through when he was a young lad & having witnessed the struggles of penury himself in an early age, Sukhwinder’s heart had known very well what he had to do, the moment he noticed the two men.

Surprisingly neither Kwanza nor his dad wanted anything more than one banana. And no, neither did they devour the fruit like starved beasts. Instead (quite perplexingly) they laughed while feeling the fruit, smelled it several times and then quietly prayed before sharing it with each other.

Kwanza’s dad told Sukhwinder about their story; where they were from, and how they had seen one draught after another in their homeland, before leaving everything they knew and moved over one country to another, before seeking refuge in this land.

They also told him that in their village it was believed that the smile of one child meant the tears of another; and so, as was customary they had just prayed. In that prayer they thanked not just Sukhwinder, but also the one who had shared a fruit for them.

Sukhwinder watched them as they slowly walked away until they were only silhouettes in the horizon. His heart was now brimming with an indescribable satisfaction.

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