The Taste of True Faith

What is it mommy?“ Ivan came running from his hiding place after hearing his mother shouting his name for the seventh time. He had toyed with her enough. Now he badly needed a cuddle.

Look over there Ivan“ Darya pointed to a small crowd that had gathered in the market square as she gathered him in her arms and lifted him to show something beyond the serpentine queue.

Ivan’s eyes widened. He could hardly contain himself. It was the fruit seller back in town! That can mean only one thing for him – a chance to taste the *banana* at last.

How he wished he knew its taste – would it be as juicy as the apples that used to grow in grandma’s garden tree? Or would it be as tangy as the orange cake which his mom made for his birthday? Perhaps it was something new altogether – maybe more sweeter than the strawberry’s he had once tasted in his uncle’s wedding?

*Mommy. Can you get me one please? I really wish to have one this time at least* he started circling around his mom, lost in a world of excitement.

Oh Ivan! You know we are late for the last bus back home“ Darya’s voice was only half firm as she intended it to be.

Looking into the lovely blue eyes of her son she could hardly say no to him. Besides they might be able to go on the late night bus half way home and then walk. She would have to carry Ivan along with the bag of groceries for the rest of 5 miles though!

Oh that’s okay. Let us get in the line“ she said with a laugh.

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