The Show Must Go On

The 4 stopped, staring at one another. Not knowing what to say.

It’s okay kiddos. You guys have made an old man proud.“ Kuttappan beamed. “Now go there and win the crowd for me.“

All 4 smiled uneasily.

We will dad.“ Jagan went forward and took the cycle from his dad the torch had been passed.

Roja and Ram took the remaining two bikes and slowly pedaled their way towards the light. Ranjith watched his dad not knowing what to do.

It’s all right boy, go ahead and do what you have been taught. You’ll do well.“

But dad…“

GO; I’ll watch from here.“

Ranjith had one good look at his mentor, smiled and sped toward the stage.

There was some noise behind Kuttappan, he turned back and was greeted by a growl.

Hulo Parvathy“ he stroked the friendly neighborhood big cat. “The show begins; yet again“ he smiled.

And for the first time in his life, from behind the court room, he could hear the judges ” applauding and appreciating him for his act. His case had been won!

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