The Show Must Go On

Where were you so long?“ he queried the young lad who came running toward him.

Was just trying to be alone with Parvathy papa – talking to her you know! To build some confidence.“

But with Parvathy?“

You know she’s my best.“

Anyways, drop it. I hope you are done with whatever personality boosting program you had in mind.“

Another kid and a girl who looked a bit elder to him came running.

Ready? Ok the usual.“ Kuttappan went on in a nonchalant manner.

The stage is our court and the crowd is our judge; and we win them by whatever means possible and this is our god“ he said pointing to the one foot tall bi-cycle.

We don’t ride it, we worship it. So be careful with your prayer. One small mess ” you’ll end up in the wrong side of the judgment; You won’t just look foolish, you ruin us all. Got it; Okay let’s go!”

His kids went forward. He held back.

You aren’t coming dad?“ Jagan asked.

Not any more Jagan.“

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