The Right Proportions

When I was a toddler,
I was bothered by no troubles.
Then with age came a sense of fear,
All I wanted was the shelter of my parents.

When I was the child,
On whom hopes were laid to rest
For whom the world was building itself,
All I sought was that one extra knowledge.

When I was the young adult,
Marching and fighting my way in the rungs,
Stopping for none who could match my pace,
It was money that mattered the most.

When I was the grown person,
No more a mere child,
The only thing I seemed to care,
Was for love – of the one destined to me.

When I was the mature parent,
Caring and nurturing my kid
All the world to me
Was the ambition of my little one to succeed.

When I was the frail old one,
Withering and whining away
A life done living and lessons learnt only to forget
All I waited for was that same loving touch!

And then I met god,
Whom all praises are sung upon,
“What do you want next” asked the great one,
“Just the right proportions” answers the humbled me!

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