The Path

With much glee and
Happiness abound
I started to toil,
On a brand new path!

A trail that notions
Great life ahead;
A thought nurturing
Satisfaction straight!

There I was in the middle
Of a beautiful lane
Painted with my spirit,
Baring for the entire world to see!

It was then I grasped
Unrealized I was yet
As to where it was to go,
This green path of mine!

Then came in
Hydras and deviants,
Unseen so far
In my path laid straight!

A bit immature,
And a lot insecure
I felt the urge to
Wander all new routes…

Unexplored avenues,
Like my cobweb memories
Invited me with blind glee
To a festive gala!

Aeons seemed to pass,
Before truth surfaced
My path of joy
Led nowhere!

And when I decide,
To take the step back
I realize, it’s just a path
Of sand made in air!

Will a phoenix take flight?
Or will the serpent strike?
The path might have vanished,
But the person remains!

Spirits and ambitions,
The key of good hope
Might probably see through
End of the night!

Perhaps it’s not the path that decides;
Neither is it a simple vanishing trail,
Trials and travesties, questions and doubts
The path is but a judge of whom you really are!


kannappa says:

nice poem rajesh.
its said that one can easily go on a beaten path, but the brave and intelligent make new paths for others to follow.
grat poetry. nice reading

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