The Last One Standing

He left for the next house in blind fury, an anger which he could inflict upon no one other than himself. This one seemed more promising for he could catch a whiff of stale food from somewhere within; he decided he would spend more time here.

He started off at what looked like the kitchen and found around half a dozen bananas and some rotten bread. He took them all. He smiled to himself and proceeded to the bedroom where he found a semi-decomposed body clothed in all riches with a pistol in one hand and some holy book in another. It was surrounded by a lifetime earnings of gold nuggets and silver ornaments.

He pitied the stupidity of the one in front of him and was just deciding there was nothing more to be looted from this place when his eyes fell upon the golf club beside the bed.

He didn’t hesitate a moment and picked it up and felt it in his hands. He was delighted. It was something he had always fancied. A few years ago he would have given his everything to possess one such club, but he had nothing and now when he had almost forgotten it he found it right in his hands. He thanked the long dead person in front of him with a half bow and left the place a happy man.

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