The Incomplete

That which is given
Purporting only to give
With no expectations
Will touch the soul
Much deeper than the same superior act
That is done for the own self
And with the intent of showing
Pity and sympathy!

That which is preached
Simply to preach
With no malice in words
Will emboss in the heart
Much stronger than words
Those teach the same fine things, with
An attempt to instill
Fear and contempt!

That which is love showered
Straight from the ‘senses true’
With no sugar-coated statements
Will woo even a hardened heart,
Much effortlessly than feelings
Those have a momentary life
And live with just the notions of
Lust and romance!

That which is fact
And is hidden under false pretenses
With how much ever make-believe cover-ups
Will one day dig itself out
Much to the surprise of the deceit
That celebrates truth’s demise
In immoral carnivals of
Threats and cruelty!

That which is happiness
And is ‘true glee’, shall conquer the world
With just that small arc and
Will also entice the burdened few
Much more quickly than its mirrored twin
Which spreads the other way down.
A Smile’s worth is known when the horizon is blacked out with
Fear and hatred!

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