The Illusion of Control

In the first instance, the next steps are obvious; you will NOT do anything other than to regulate your apps usage and control the recipient list for all your future posts. Perhaps you need to do a bit of spring cleaning, follow basic tenets of social media and, just like in real life, stop being daft about whom you share your thoughts with on the internet!

For those who have decided to hit that delete button, know that there are alternates, albeit with the grand limitation of being disconnected with the rest of the world!

  1. Diaspora is the first alternate I can come up with. However I wouldn’t recommend their main pod as it tends to become inundated with spam. If you are tech savvy, I would rather I would recommend that you host a pod and manage your family members/ team more effectively.
  2. Movim is another. While their code might be in the Git, it does not necessarily guarantee you trust another centralised site. So, you can setup your own server and be in more control.
  3. Elgg is a good alternative. While you can visit their website for some showcase pages, you can also get going by installing it following some simple instructions.

I am sure you can dig some other alternates, but the above mentioned sites remain some good starters. But if you are still worried about being tracked, remember that you are in a connected network. There’s always going to be that someone who keeps shadowing you. You can try some of the tools I’ve recommended in my previous article to keep your online life private.

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