The Illusion of Control

If you have downloaded your Facebook data, you will realise that nothing ever gets deleted. What you get is a complete digital copy of your life in their website since the day you signed up & for many, it makes up most part of their online life! This is not surprising given that it was you who chose to expose the data in the first place.

But this view is not a true representative of what Facebook makes of you. For example, this data will include a list of all apps you installed, but will not divulge on what information you chose to share (good luck in recollecting that) or what was eventually gathered by the app maker based on your interactions with them.

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It is a one way street after you install an app. In fact, the apps are so crucial to the existence of FB as a useful brand, that even something so simple like removing multiple apps in one go is not a straight forward affair; you are left to alternate ways to deal with this mundane task.

If you got a feeling of being stalked and want to go hit the “delete my account” button, please stop for a moment and think! First of all, you might actually stand to lose by stepping out of the Facebook platform, if:

  • You have connected many external sites to your FB profile.
  • Your small company exists as a FB page and you are seeing some decent traffic via your FB ad campaigns.
  • You live abroad and FB is the primary means of connecting to everyone in the family back home.

Secondly, know that deactivation of your account and deleting it are NOT the same. It is silly that a WikiHow page has to exist to get know this! Last of all, know that deleting your account will not get you out of FB forever; anytime you are surfing a website on the internet you may potentially be exposed to a tracker from large companies like FB or Google.

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