The Fight Within

Perched on the lush green tree,
In the middle of the field,
It’s eyes scouted the scene
Waiting for the next prey to yield.

There was much clamour,
Boisterous loud noises,
When men in fine armour
Burnt faith in to ashes.

Spitting and spewing hatred
With every gasp of breath;
Love’s defence was truly shattered
Whilst they did fight to their death!

Some said it was for a cause,
That it was glory to die for one’s land.
Had they learned to think and pause
Could they not sense it was getting out of hand?

A menacing smirk spread on its face
While doom darkened the blue skies
It was easier than imagined; to chase
The glee and fill it instead with moist eyes.

The tale, alas, is never ending
It feels like the shadows stretch longer.
Dawn seems perpetually pending
When thoughts of malice grow stronger.

One half wishes that we wake up and see,
It was just a haunted night of misery.
The other half just wishes to flee
Surely, there is no good end to this story!

We can lament, we can cry
This moment we cannot let slip.
It is time we break those shackles and try
To decide which sides the scales shall tip.

This cacophony we have together earned
Our sour reap, for seeding ages of din.
Forget not, it is through struggles we learned
The fight was not outside, but always within!


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